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Our goal is to create products of good design with a fair quality- price ratio, affordable and satisfactory, giving the final users what they expect in terms of userfriendship, cleanliness ease, long term lasting. We want to give the opportunity to live a product invented by a team who works in the name of creativity, taking care of everybody’s needs.

Public and private, for Lineabeta, are the same thing.

Bathroom should be a place that makes you feel at home: practical, functional and accessible to anyone at any time.

It must meet the needs of everyone, regardless of gender, age, ability, always offering the highest standards of hygiene, quality and safety.

A humanistic feeling that leads to produce and live things with a sense: to paraphrase Carmelo Bene “We must stop creating works of art and start to live them”.

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LineaBeta products can be found in over a thousand stores all over the world.


Contract means for us to follow step-by-step our client in every single project. Our artisan and customization competences, our know-how, allow us to assist our client choosing particular finishings, modifications and unique personalizations. Project development is for us a major opportunity of growth and
internationalization. It allows us to become paladins of well-known and appreciated Italian Style.

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Tailor-made projects

The professionist (designer, architect or product manager) has the possibility to work side by side with R&D and Engineering managers.
Our Research&Development department provides cutting-edge digital tools (CAD CAM) suitable to support them in the design process, the accurate study of the details and the optimization of the concept-toproduct process.

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