Our story from 1980

Giving people the opportunity to live a product invented by
a team who works in the name of creativity, taking care of everybody’s needs.

As used as I am to write on a blog, it’s difficult for me to tell something without using images. Although, words are the only tool that I have to tell what Lineabeta means to me. Luckly this storytelling won’t miss itself into billions of web pages but it’s going to be printed on an official Catalogue, and that makes me feel part of something important.
The Bath-Room is a complex environment, with millions meanings, evolved through centuries alongside with concepts such as hygiene, intimacy, privacy, vanity.

Retracing its evolution allows us to discover important and curious aspects of our culture. I’m referring in particular to its close link with our costume, our society and advertising history. Actually, it’s bonded to our personal history.

One of my ambitions – let’s call it dream – is to write one day
a book on Italian bathroom history, told through the voices of
the industries that made it, over the history of a whole country. Companies used to be conceived under a family mansard roof when it was still possible and bureaucracy won’t cut their wings off before starting. Brands like Lineabeta were born in years where the bathroom concept was different, and made this changing, becoming protagonist.

I love bathroom history and family stories too. And when they mix, entwine with my story, my eyes start sparkling with joy.

Flipping through Lineabeta catalogues since the ones printed in ‘80 I read our story and the evolutions of the last 30 years. From those without photos and fripperies, the simple ones, as it “would sell anyway”, up to the actual ones, “where just for concept,
the designer, the renderings, the styling, the shooting, the whole budget has gone”.


Lineabeta chose to talk its native language, declaring its deep love for Venetian territory and the will to keep its feet deeply rooted on ground.

The result are affordable products for individuals who want to furnish their bathroom with a designer touch.
Accessible, democratic, young, easy, lively, ironic design. Everyday Design.

Design products made for a thirty-years-old generation who has not certainties in life, but doesn’t want to give up the chance of being surrounded by beautiful objects, especially at home. In Lineabeta’s words: “it’s easy to make beautiful but expensive things”.

His brand saw the bathroom blooming: the change from an hidden toilet to a place to show with pride, from merely functional space to a tailor designed one, with clever solutions. They designed accessories and complements when it was the only way to customize an otherwise anonymous room. And they kept doing it when accessories became objects to complete, in a discreet and elegant way, a bathroom with its own character and identity.


Analyzing Lineabeta collections, from the internally designed historical ones to the collaborations with external designers, I see an important change on how to run a business.

I notice it in the choice of focusing on design as a competitive factor, and I read it in the eyes of the second Capitanio generation, who starts to move now in a completely different context from its relatives.


And the human spirit that influences the physical body is extremely sensitive to aesthetics.
Public and private, for Lineabeta, are the same thing.
Bathroom should be a place that makes you feel at home: practical, functional and accessible to anyone at any time.
It must meet the needs of everyone, regardless of gender, age, ability, always offering the highest standards of hygiene, quality and safety.