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about us

Lineabeta is a family company founded by Carlo Capitanio in 1980. It is specialized in the production and distribution of bathroom accessories and complements.

After the foundation, for about ten years, Lineabeta collaborated as partner and producing company for major international brands, producing for them specific collections of accessories.

In 1988, taking part for the first time in an international exhibition in Frankfurt it presented its own Brand on the market, proposing collections helping to change the design in Italy and all over the world.

Thanks to the creative ideas of its founder Lineabeta was able to interpret with original and innovative concepts the transformation of the bathroom, that over the years has become one of the most and important rooms of our house,

The payoff "Everyday Design" focuses on the path that the company has undertaken right from the start: an idea of comfortable and functional bathroom where to live the daily life in a simple and spontaneous way.