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is a family company established in October of 1980 focused on production of bathroom accessories and complements.

Until the '90s we partnered and produced for major international brands with worldwide distribution channels. Upon that, we created our own brand and collections that have radically changed the bathroom design in Italy and abroad.

Founded by Carlo Capitanio, we have been a leading player in the market and interpreted with original and innovative ideas the transformation of the bathroom pushing it to come one of the most wellfinished room of the house.

The payoff "everyday design" focuses on the path that the company has undertaken for some time, without connection with the past thirty years of corporate history: an idea of flexible bathroom setting, comfortable and functional, where living every day in a simple and spontaneous way.

It’s an everyday mood that has been standing for thirty years. Thirty years spent to become one of the top 3 brands in Italy and among the top 5 in the world in the production of bathroom accessories and complements.

Thirty years of time, energy, experience, innovation, perseverance, creativity, vision, connection with our territory and keen entrepreneurial spirit.

Lineabeta reinterprets the "globalization" thanks to the strong link our territory of origin. The different materials (glass, brass, steel, aluminum, ceramic, bamboo, mattstone) come from an international context, and are processed in Italy or abroad depending on the competitiveness and specialization of factories. But the strategic elements as brand and design creativity are strictly "Made in Italy", such as the names of the lines inspired by Venetian idioms (curve, Roersa, Ciacole, Tirela, Strika, Baketo, etc.). Names that result in beautiful and durable accessories at fair market price. A policy rewarded year after year which has enabled the company to conquer new markets.

The Lineabeta product is positioned in a middle - high market range, and preferential sales channels are those specialized in bathroom boutiques, plumbing sector sales points, retail and contract furniture.

Part of our products are CE, TUV and Made in Italy. On request of the customer, upon product category or standards required by the destination country, we are willing and able to research and provide certifications, taking advantage of technical and professional support Certification & Product Quality Authorities that have been our partners for years. Since 2006 are ISO 9001: 2000 certified for the design, development, manufacture and marketing of furnishings (CERT-17533-2006-AQVEN- SINCERT).

Today the company has a strong distribution presence on their territory thanks to the 1500 Showroom in Italy that highlight our brand and collections.

As for the overseas market, major outlet since 1987, Lineabeta exports 40% of its sales in 60 countries worldwide. In particular we have managed to consolidate our presence in Germany, France, Northern Europe, the USA, New Zealand, Spain and the UAE.

Our concepts and core values are well explained in the "Mission". Our goal is to create a design product born of Italian creativity; It must be accessible, trendy and with a balanced quality/price ratio.

In 2016 Lineabeta carried out a major reorganization to respond more effectively to market changes. The new structure that is based on divisions -or business units- reflects a desire to promote a multi-channel presence in line with what is set out in our new "Vision": to be protagonists where bathroom is protagonist.

We offer the opportunity to experience a product created by people who work creatively thinking about the needs of everyone.
Carlo Capitanio, founder of Lineabeta Spa