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Contracts Division

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contracts division

Strong from its thirty-year experience in projects and design, Lineabeta proposes specific solutions for Bathroom Contracts.

Lineabeta becomes a professional partner in every step of the project, helping to interpret and translate each aesthetic, but above all functional, requirement of its clients. Our great skill lies in the fact that we can create ad hoc solutions in the different design phases: hotels, hospitality, multi-apartment and private residences, social housing, public spaces and those for companies.

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Our Contracts Division offers:
- a catalogue studied specifically for the sector;
- technical-sales consultancy in the Client’s premises to develop any design need;
- the support of a dedicated technical office that can work alongside design studios and companies.


Paolo Capitanio

Contracts Division Manager
I have been managing customised projects for interior design and furnishings since 1980 upon the request of various clients. The know-how I developed over the years has helped me establish methods, times and costs, working alongside the Client on project feasibility.p>

Contact info:
Cell +39 346 0071970