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Lineabeta, differently from many other Italian companies, was established for the exclusive purpose of exporting abroad. As a result, over time it created a vast experience that was perfect for creating an important network of export managers, country managers and distributors.

Today, Lineabeta exports to 60 countries in the world, with more than 1500 Showrooms.

Our Exports Division offers:
- dedicated export managers for countries where English, French, German and Spanish are spoken
- multilingual paper and digital catalogues
- multilingual price lists
- technical-business skills for each country.


Tania Festugato

Francophone, Latin, North European Manager.
I started my professional career at Lineabeta when the company was present exclusively in the foreign market. Today, my language skills and my knowledge of foreign distribution business allow me to work alongside agents and distributors to develop any type of collaboration.

Contacto: Infobr>
Cell: +39 3401871281

Antonella Grillo

Germanic Area Manager
In addition to Germany, where I am supported by a network of agents, I also follow Austria and Switzerland with a distribution network of agents. Germany, after Italy, is Lineabeta’s most important market, where the products, of Italian design and Made in Italy, are greatly appreciated.

Contact Info:
Cell: +39 338 9455667

Federica Cocco

Anglophone Area and Other Countries Manager
I enthusiastically follow the development and progress of various countries with special focus on the anglophone area: USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand. They are demanding markets that require not just “lead time” but also technical abilities and specific certifications.

Contact Info:
Cell: +39 338 9352404