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Outlet/Shop on-line Division

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outlet/shop on-line division

In 2017, Lineabeta introduced a new Outlet channel for the sale of and second choice and discontinued products that are no longer available from the catalogue. In addition to the physical shop in the Lineabeta headquarters in Gambellara (VI), we have also introduced a platform for on-line shopping with only discontinued products that remain in stock after the new collections in the past catalogues have been presented.

Our online Outlet/Shop Division offers:
- a sales area of 400 square metres where you can find discontinued and second choice products at outlet prices;
- an online shop that is full of discontinued products at outlet prices where time offers and promotions can be taken advantage of.

Visit Us in the store

Address: Strada statale 11, Km 331, 36053 Gambellara (VI) - Italy
Tel.: +39.0444.644644
Fax.: +39.0444.644654

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Claudia Zanella

Outlet/Online Shop Division Manager
I have run a bathroom furnishings showroom for 20 years, taking care of all the interior processes: purchasing, display, sale, deliveries and after-sales. Now I am using my experience not only for sales in the traditional shop but also for the discontinued products online shop.

Contact Info:
Tel.: +39 0444 644654
Tel.: +39 344 1731552