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Accessories and furniture for public toilets

21 June 2021
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The importance of the toilet room

Your customers will judge you also from your customers’ toilettes. This is not a provocation, that’s the truth. The more attentive among the hospitality and retail operators have known this for a while, and they have been making several steps forward to respond to the requirements of the market and to an ever increasingly demanding clientele.

We are not only referring to hygiene standards – which should be a given – but also to comfort, functionality, aesthetic quality and consistency. Consistency in the sense of a stream of continuity between the design and atmosphere of your hospitality and retail spaces and the design and atmosphere of your customers’ toilettes.

When you renovate your home, you wouldn’t forget the bathroom, no? Just saying…

But actually, when you find yourself being out and using the customers’ toilettes of a hospitality place, you feel a bit lost. Lost like a pair of white cotton socks worn by a smart-looking gentleman. He may want to look very elegant, but still.

Something that often makes a certain pub, bar or restaurant unforgettable is – in one way or another – the ugliness or the absolute beauty of its customers’ toilettes.

Our Contract industry

And this is why we have decided to dedicate a large portion of our research efforts to the CONTRACT industry.
Our bathroom furniture and accessories are functional to the bathroom facilities of hotels and hotel chains, B&Bs, self-catering accommodations, holiday resorts as well as public toilettes.

Alongside with our product and collection portfolios, we offer technical knowledge, customisation and end-to-end client service enabling the creation of an ad-hoc product. Our bespoke products enable interior designers to achieve a consistency in style, atmosphere and personality between the bathroom facilities and the rest of the spaces.

And now – are you ready to be judged from your customers by your toilettes?