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Design radiator according Lineabeta

01 August 2021
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Warm is beautiful: the Caligo

We believe that one of life's greatest pleasures is to wrap oneself up in a warm towel after a shower or a bath.
It’s just as pleasant as to get into a bathroom and find a perfect temperature.
Our wish led us to look for innovative radiators, keeping in mind two features that have always characterized our pay off “Everyday Design”: elegance and utility.

Is it possible to design a radiator combining these qualities with energy saving and performances?

Sure! As for all our products the inspiration came from our land, from a Venetian word that identifies a mist of heat, a warm and soft cloud ready to welcome us in its arms: the Caligo.

The Caligo’s features

Why is our design radiator collection so innovative?

Caligo is the thinnest design radiator on the market, with only 7 mm thickness.
It provides a high energy saving and at the same time it ensures an excellent thermal power, resulting one of the most energy efficient design radiators.
Besides it’s easy to install and clean, in short, Caligo is the ally of your well-being!

It can be electric or water powered and depending on your preferences you can add up to two towel holders to be positioned at different heights. Caligo is versatile too; from the bathroom to the living room its essential design makes it perfect for any environment.

Lineabeta radiator is available in different sizes to satisfy different heating needs : from the smallest one in 1190 x 470 cm up to the largest one 1790 x 570 cm.

For more information on Caligo collection, visit our website or go to page 287 of our catalogue.

Warm is beautiful and… cozy!