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Discover the TAPEI collection: Lineabeta rugs

22 September 2020
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In Lineabeta we love rugs! They are able to make a room elegance and to change the atmosphere in a moment, but at the same time they meet basic needs, especially for the bathroom: do not slip and protect us from the cold of the floor.

It's a real pleasure to put your feet on a warm and soft rugs, so we have looked something special.


The TAPEI collection has precise features, selected to offer you quality rugs, with a history, experience and attention to eco-sustainability.

All our rugs are handmade on ancient looms: we want to bring in your house a little history, tradition, artisan knowledge and beauty.
Every time we look at these rugs we are amazed by the perfection of the processing, ready to make your bathroom more comfortable.

The raw or recycled cotton, recycled linen and natural colors (from sand, tobacco, gray) make these rugs refined furnishing elements to any environment and any type of furniture.
Moreover, the anti-slip layer improves the adhesion to the floor and it guarantees safety and functionality.

You can find various models of the  TAPEI collection, which differ for the particular processing: tufts, bubbles or satins. You choose the color and processing that you prefer or you choose them all, to change style every week.

And remember, Lineabeta rugs are perfect in every room. Try it!