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Lineabeta furnishes the Dubai bathroom

23 July 2021
Home / News / Lineabeta furnishes the Dubai bathroom
For some years Lineabeta also invests to settore Contract division, proposing functional collections for bathroom furniture of hotels, bed & breakfast, residences, guest house and public environment.
Do you try inspiration to furnishing the bathroom of your hotel or public local? Lineabeta offers customized solutions with sales assistance.
We dedicate commitment and passion to Contract division: it’s an opportunity for us of grows and internationalize.

The last year some of our products have been chosen to furnish the first of 12 buildings of the project “JEWEL OF CREEK” in Dubai, one of the most important residential and commercial complexes under construction in United Arab Emirates.
Our customer wanted to represent Italian Style in the furnishing to every bathroom and the best seller products for this project tell about elegance, design, cleanliness and attention to every detail.
The round polished steel countertop washbasin is combined with5 liter basket of the same material. The washbasins Acquaio are available with lots of finishings that allows sophisticated and innovative matchings.

In every shower there is Skuara sponge dish: fine details and straight lines for a collection that reflects our brand.

We were amazed by the project, what do you think?