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Lineabeta takes part to the NIUKO training month

22 September 2020
Home / News / Lineabeta takes part to the NIUKO training month

Seeking efficiency

Monica Capitanio (Director of Operation) and Claudio Scalzolaro (Facility Manager), took part to the Company tour in Fischer, organized by Niuko during the “training month”: a great chance to know the german Company and to and get inspiration from theire processes.

Monica and Claudio, together with a group of around 20 operation and innovation managers, visited on 5th and 6th October the Fischer Facilities in Tumlingen and Horb.

It was the chance to touch by hand the “FISCHER PROCESS SYSTEM”: an organizational process which guarantee the best use of spaces, of goods movements and of transparence between the company departments.

Ideas of real improvement for our company too: sometimes small changes are enough to improve sensitively the organizational efficiency, with positive effects on customers and suppliers.

The importance of Values

An important message learned by the group of visitors is the importance of focus on people, strategical engines of grow and innovation. An incitement to put the maximum attention of people training and on talents development.

Passion, bravery, team building, lifestyle quality, change and integrity are the foundamental values of Lineabeta, mainly visible also in the strategic and operative choices of Fischer.

We read in the NIUKO magazine: “the secret of success appears evident and linear and is totally referable to coherent strategical choices of the entepreneur and on the daily behaviour of people".

A secret that Lineabeta has the intention to discover and adopt.