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Summer wishes

21 June 2021
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We have prepared the suitcases and we started to discover new landscapes: Italian coasts, beaches on the ocean, mountain territories...
Despite the different tourist destinations, on the San Lorenzo's night, we are all looking upwards to admire the charm of falling stars. 
As children they instructed us that wishes were not to be unveiled, otherwise they would never have come true! Even today it's so, but we go against the current... We tell you our wishes all the same because we think that, even if we share them, if we really believe, they will come true.

Our first desidere? To continue to work as a team, even questioning us. Come to think of it, the hours spent in the working environment take part of our daily time and work with passion, spirit of initiation and group, in a peaceful and stimulating atmosphere, it will make us wake up with a smile.
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is a success" - Henry Ford

Here comes the second shooting star and think of our Italy... We are Italians, we are artisans, we are creative, we love luxury and we produce quality. We must protect our products, our 'know-how' that has distinguished us. We wish that Italian companies, especially the 'new young businessman', to achieve entrepreneurial success on the national and international market, with the aim of give value our 'Made in Italy' and 'Italian Design'. We are confident of making it.
"Il bel paese | ch'Appennin parte e 'l mar circonda e l'Alpe" - Francesco Petrarca

Last star, last wish ... We hope that today's young people are able to find the right path in this often uncertain future, and that courage and perseverance are their support for achieving goals. They are the future precursur of 'Made in Italy'!
"If we walked only on sunny days we would never reach our destination" - Paulo Coelho

We wish you happy holidays, with the hope that even your wishes can come true!