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The bathroom in the arts

22 January 2021
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The delicacy of everyday life: the bathroom in painting

The bathroom is the private place for excellence, where it is possible to take care of ourselves without the judgment of others.
Modern and contemporary artists are interested of these moments of life and through daily gestures have tried to understand the soul of man.
If we talk about the bathroom in painting, we will speak absolutely of Degas and his female nudes. "After the bath" or "La Tinozza" are some of his most famous paintings, which illustrate the daily women gestures with delicacy, but also boldness if we think about those years.

Art and provocation: the bathroom in the sculpture

If we analyze the bathroom in the sculpture we mention the famous Duchamp Fountain. A common urinal built in series, turned upside down and signed by a mysterious Mutt, which becomes an artwork.
It is a provocation? An invitation to never take yourself seriously? Art criticism? We don’t know, in any case Lineabeta likes to create "a new way of thinking" the objects that decorate your bathrooms.
On the same provocative line is the recent artwork "America" by Cattelan: 18-carat gold toilet, fully functional, which wants to focus on economic inequalities.

So many emotions, so many memories: the bathroom in the cinema

Surely it is the seventh art that reminds us of the most famous bathrooms. We want that our readers think about the bathroom as a place of relax, safety and pleasant memories and so we offer you beautiful movies to watch with the family:

  • "Pretty Woman" and her warm bath in the magnificent king size bathtub. It is a luxurious and neoclassical bathroom with an attention to every detail.
  • "Big", Josh (Tom Hanks) discovers to have become an adult in the night, looking himself puzzled in the mirror of the bathroom. A truly Eighties bathroom in total pink tile and wallpaper.
  • The dream of every woman is an awakening like that of Eddie Murphy in "The Prince Looking for Wife" is. Mirrors, rose petals and maids.. The only thing missing is some privacy!
  • The bathroom reveals a secret, in "Mrs Doubtfire". Which secret?
  • The bathroom of "The invisible boy" by Salvatores is more modern Italian taste and it is once again a symbol of the discovery of themselves and their changes.
  • Finally we had thought of a makeup scene, but we preferred something more fun: the discovery of beauty female secrets by Mel Gibson in "What Women Want". The spacious washbasins and big mirror are the allies of beauty for excellence!

The pay-off Lineabeta "Being protagonists where the bathroom is protagonist" perfectly combines with these famous bathrooms, what do you think?