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The charming world of mirrors

22 January 2021
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Lineabeta follows the mirror evolution

A mirror is not only a reflecting surface: it is a charming product which brings with a lot of significance, stories, insights to the discovery of ourselves, of our identity.

The mirror is loved by those people who have self-knowledge: a few species, but human being, recognize themselves in front of a mirror: monkeys, dolphins, magpies.

Human beings have always had the need to look at themselves and since the prehistory they looked for devices to create surfaces able to give back theire image.

The relation with this object can be defined of love & hate: for centuries we abscribed it the power of magic and still today it is sign of vanity and superficiality.

But how many are the daily actions we do in front of a mirror? This is the time in which the self-care is a must, not only a pleasure. And mirrors are must-have for home and bathroom decoration.

Lineabeta “SPECI”

The Lineabeta range of mirrors, called “SPECI” (which significance is simply “mirror” in the ancient venetian language), thinking to the modern needs of man and women and to the specific spaces of the bathrooms.

Bevelled or framed, even when designed for the bathroom, our mirrors can be suitable for any other room of the house.

You can find the “everyday design” in the small details. Rotating structure, LED lightening, shelves for the small staff, on-off touch screen button and lightening regulation.