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The origins of the bathroom

21 June 2021
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The origins of the bathroom

In Lineabeta we have experienced the ‘renaissance’ of the bathroom facilities while we have also contributed to its transformation.
For years we have been committed to bring change to the concept of bathroom, intended not only as a service facility but also a personal and intimate space, with the purpose to make us feel good.

The transformation of the bathroom has been extraordinary in the past 50 years, however we must not forget the ancient origins of this concept – balneum was the Latin word for bathroom – and the testaments of the very first baths and sinks dated millennia ago.

The record for the first bath seems to belong to the Knossos Palace in Crete, dated 17th century BC.
And what about the shower? Some proofs have been found in the territories of the Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt, where the inhabitants used to use ‘cascade’ washing techniques. However, the modern shower has a well-known founding father: Merry Delabost. Mr Delabost was a doctor of a prison, who, in 1872, invented the shower as a means to guarantee some basic hygiene standards for the prisoners.

The social role of the bathroom

Beyond the evolution of the objects that fit it, there has been a major transformation of the social role of the bathroom. From sacred ceremony of purification to meeting point and sharing place, and from a strictly private and intimate moment – nearly so intimate to be hidden – to the ‘renaissance’ of the modern bathroom during the recent years.

The bathroom has turned into an environment of major importance in our houses, a place where wellness is a must and where we don’t only take care of our body but we also want to feel more like at home. And again – the number of occasions where we share the bathroom with others is multiplying: from brushing the teeth with the kids or with the partner to getting ready before a night out with friends, the bathroom has transformed its function.

Lineabeta defines itself not only as a spectator, but, even better, as a main actor in the ‘renaissance’ movement of the bathroom concept. Thanks to the “everyday design” slogan and to the continuous research and development process, Lineabeta’s products aim to create a more pleasant and confortable atmosphere in the bathroom space.