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The value of time

01 August 2021
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We live frenetic days in a technological society and we are constantly conditioned by the reality that surrounds us. You will happen that your 'near desk' tell you "I have no time!" and how many times have you even pronounced the same words? Nothing could be more wrong ... Technology has shortened the times and distances and 'make a stop' for oneself seems to have become increasingly difficult and complex. If you stop for a moment to think you can make a very important gift every day: a bit of your time! Finding more time for yourself is really important, it means understanding the value of life.

According to a recent survey, taking one hour a day in the bathroom relaxes the body and the mind. It is the environment where you can feel the protagonist and take care of yourself, it is an oasis of relaxation and every element has a significant importance. Lineabeta, to transmit carefreeness and harmony, has thus created three series of Limited Edition accessories, 500 pieces each, with a playful and ironic character thanks to the hand-made drawings of the art director Antonella Manenti.

City, Words and People: three words, three meanings, three series of illustrations designed to remove distorting thoughts to make room in the mind for positive thoughts. Through the technique of the decal we wanted to illustrate the most important symbols of some famous cities in the world, to remind some of you the destination of past journeys and to others the important growth that internalization offers to every traveler.

The ironic exhortations give birth to a smile on the lips, in the morning when you wake up, during a boring day, or simply to a guest who you invite to dinner.

The illustrated people represent the beauty of life, the daily actions we carry out and share or we dream of living just like when we were children (as we have already suggest you, if you dream of doing something take your time!).
This is our vision, but we leave your interpretation free, aware that "we are such staff as dreams are mede of", as William Shakespeare wrote! 
The single object of each collection is numbered ... And now who will win the first (1/500) or the last (500/500) accessory of three series so special? 

Ideal also in the bathroom furniture of hotels and B&B or for a playful and ironic gift to those you love. For example ... Do you want to surprise your partner with a trip to Paris? What better gift than a new toilet brush and two air tickets?

Thank you for visiting us, we wish you a wonderful day!