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Round mirror with resin frame

cod: 5692.22

OCIO, designed and patented by Lineabeta S.p.A., is a modern bathroom furnishing born with the dream to innovate the surrounding environment: it is a decorative element yet able to simplify daily habits.
Thanks to a system of magnets, mirror and magnifying mirror exert a strong attraction towards each other. The magnifying mirror adheres to the surface of the mirror and can be moved very easily according to the user`s needs: on the right, on the left or in the center, higher or lower, wherever it is more comfortable. The mirrors’ frames are made of painted resin: a material of a strong aesthetic impact, waterproof and with a high resistance, easy to clean and ideal for the most humid environments.
The back of the magnifying mirror is covered by black velvet: an elegant and shiny fabric ensuring smooth movements.
Designed to be complementary, mirror and magnifying mirror can also be purchased individually.

5692.22, Mirror with frame, diameter 900 mm
5693.22, Mirror with frame, diameter 750 mm
56921.22, Magnetic 5X magnifying mirror with frame diameter, 195 mm


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